Welcome to
SOS Doctor “House Call on Demand”

High-Quality Medical Care Providers.

Background-checked, licensed primary care physicians

On-demand or on your schedule.

Arriving when it’s convenient for you

Right to your Door.

To your home, office, hotel – literally wherever you are

When to Use SOS ?

time When you need to see a Doctor now!

At your door at any time of the day or night, “On Demand” in 1 hour or less.

When you are Sick and can’t get out of bed

You have a bad cold, the flu, a stomach ache, an ear ache, etc., and you really don’t feel like getting out of bed and wasting a whole day trying to get to your doctor’s office.

When you need reassurance

How many times do we wish we could speak with a Doctor just because we feel a little bit under the weather without really being sure whether or not we should see one ? **Soon to come, the SOS Doctor “Speak with a Doctor” feature will be available**

When you are traveling

You know you can have access to medical assistance for you or your family right from your phone

When you have a Business

and you want to take care of a sick employee at work

Welcome to SOS Doctor !

“Mobile App”

*Currently only Available in Los Angeles*

The SOS Doctor “House Call on Demand” App

is the platform where doctors and patients can find each other for same day service at your finger tips.