Treat Your Kid’s Gastroenteritis with West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand

A sudden stomach ache of your child at night not only drives away his/her sleep but yours too. This stomach ache may happen due to many reasons. One such reason is Gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis is an infection of bowel system which may result in diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache and so on. It is a very common illness in children and can be treated with proper medication and hygiene. presents 24/7 exceptional medical care, where the professionals are dedicated to treating you and your family even at the odd hours of the night. So when your kid wakes up at night with a stomach ache, do not panic and call West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand.

In most of the cases, Gastroenteritis is caused by viruses like Rotavirus and Norovirus. Rotavirus mostly attacks babies, causing dehydration. Rotavirus can be immunized using vaccines. Norovirus infection spreads through food as well as through contact with someone who has the infection. Doctors at West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand are backed with proper equipments and medications to treat any kind of Gastroenteritis disease. When kept untreated there can be a huge water loss from the child’s body that may lead to a severe health problem. There are cases in which diarrhea may last longer and have blood and mucus in the feces. Thus a proper initial treatment by Doctors at West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand may stop severity.

Gastroenteritis affects people of all ages but it is more common and more severe in babies and young children. Vomiting and diarrhea may also be caused by other factors like food infection or poisoning. For such cases too you may call the experienced primary doctors at West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand who will deliver a Professional Medical Care to your child. According to these experts the main cause of Gastroenteritis in children in improper hygiene. Always make sure that your child washes his/her hand before each meal. Water is the source of life and diseases too. Never ever drink water without purifying it. When your child is dehydrated, he/she may need extra fluid. Ask your primary doctors at West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand for the right fluid for your baby. If your child is not getting better, or is becoming more unwell, go back to the primary doctor. They never hold the cases and refer to the specialized doctors when required.

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When the General Practitioner isn’t around Call West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand

Undoubtedly a general practitioner plays a very important role in every patient’s life. A family doctor knows the physical and emotional health of a patient better than anyone else. They treat individuals from an array of medical conditions and refer for specialist treatment when needed. He has a vast experience as he deals with different patients regularly. We bank upon those doctors for immediate treatment of an ailment. But there are some situations when these doctors are not available to the patients. In such situation, delivers medical care on demand that provides a huge relief to our mind.

Considering the fact that the general practitioners are the most trusted doctors in every patient’s life, the West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand service also ensures you international standard medical assistance to every minor ailment. Download the app of SOS Doctor House Call or just book an appointment from the website, the professional physician will be right at your doorstep just in an hour or less. So whether it’s a stomach ache or a high fever, drive away all your worry with SOS Doctor House Call’s 24/7 exceptional medical care. Just like your General Practitioner the West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand service will also treat your stress and anxiety. With after-hours health care services being the topmost priority of, you can rest assured about receiving a doctor’s assistance even during public holidays.

In the case of medical emergency, the doctors at West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand always recommend keeping the emergency first aid kit at your home. The basic amenities always act as a relief to all your minor injuries and minor health emergencies. They not only calm the pain but also our anxious mind. Aids like basic medications, bandages, antacids, anti-diarrhea medication, cold packs, antiseptic adhesives, pain relievers etc. must be there in the kit. For the further solution, the West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand is always there with professional medical care. The doctors at SOS never hold back the patients in major cases and do refer them to specialist care when needed. So wherever and whenever you feel sick and not getting in touch with your house physician, call for 24/7 exceptional medical care at SOS Doctor House Call.

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Amenity Kit and West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand for Health Emergencies at Home

Medical emergencies can arrive un-alarmed and lack of basic aids at home can create an unfavorable impact to health. The physicians always recommend keeping of important amenities at home maintaining complete peace of mind in case of a medical urgency. On a holiday afternoon, when your general physician is not at the town, these first aid kits always play an important role. For further treatment, West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand service is always at your service. With, the physicians are just a click away.

The handy checklists prescribed by the doctors for handling minor medical urgencies are as follows:

Crape bandages: it is a medical aid that no one should skip including in the aid kit. Whether you are a sports freak or have children at home, this basic amenity is available in different sizes and is helpful for patients of each age group.  It gives a very good support to the injury. Even West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand does recommend for the crepe bandages in minor injuries.

Cold Packs: Whether you have a very high fever or a sprain, ices does wonder to many minor injuries. Cold packs are highly effective in reducing pains and swelling. Apply the ice to the injury for at least 15-20 minutes to find the difference. Even they do miracles in higher body temperatures. The physicians do ask for cold packs when you have a very high fever.

Adhesives and anti-septic: When you or any of your family members is bleeding due to a minor injury, never forget to wash the wound and put on the antiseptic over it before calling West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand. When a wound is kept open, it is vulnerable. The chance of infection reduces when cover it using adhesive dressing strip. If the bleeding goes out of control, West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand will treat the wound effectively.

Basic medications and Thermometer: whenever your child is feeling feverish, check on the fever using the thermometer and give him a paracetamol tablet which will calm his higher temperature and body pain. Other pain relieving tablets and sprays should also be included in the kit. For further medication call the West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand and get the medical assistance at your door, at any time of the day or night.

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Keep Healthy This Summer with West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand Service

Now when the summer is here and the living is not that easy, we need to take a good care of our health. During this hot climate we are likely to fall sick often and the minor emergencies can be painful while enjoying the outside sunshine. So, if you are a business person and have to travel quite often during the summer, you actually need to take some measures to maintain a good health. If then also some health emergencies appear while travelling West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand service will take you out of the difficulty.

The heat makes your body dehydrated and a longstanding on sun exposure may cause heat strokes and other emergencies. With West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand service from, you no more have to worry about such issues. The experienced doctors are now just a click away and are ready to treat you whenever and wherever you demand. During summer we are highly exposed to flu or stomach aches. These complications can mostly be found in children and they need on-demand treatment urgently. The doctors with West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand will even reach you any time of the day or night in an hour or more.

There are many precautions and habits you can build to stay away from the ill effects of summer. Diet on the watermelons, berries and other water content fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated. These foods are easy to digest and do not cause any stomach discomfort. Even if you want, you can add micro nutrients into your diet to stay fit and healthy. According to the West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand, it is highly important to stay energetic during summers. Go for mild exercises live playing tennis and swimming to keep your body and mind active. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during the season as the content of water in these food articles is really high. Water is the source of life and thus drink at least 8 -9 glasses of waters a day to keep you hydrated. These healthy lifestyles will certainly gift you a wealthy summer and for any other health issues, West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand service is there to take care.

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