4 Reasons Why You Need Doctors at Your Home

The medical world has undergone a sea change over decades. The intervention of new-age technologies and digital media has introduced an innovative way to treat health problems. Nowadays, doctors are visiting a patient’s place rather than a patient visits to a doctor’s chamber.  The Doctors on Demand, though, is limited to certain conditions only. For severe and critical conditions, a proper health care centre with necessary equipment is required. But you have to be practical to choose ‘doctors in my house’ service. Things need to be concentrated on to know whether you need this service or not. Below are the reasons that tell you when and where you need doctors on demand service.

  1. When your health condition is too poor to move:

Health issues like flue, stomach or cold and cough may seem minor, but they give you unbearable pain as intense as you cannot bear. Being in a comfort environment while getting treatment is the most desired thing you want. Even a thought of standing in a long queue to visit a doctor makes you feel distressed. This holds enough reasons to call a doctor instead of visiting his chamber. SOS Doctor House Call realizes the need for providing an ultimate care and it offers the same day doctor visit to a patient.

  1. When you have no time to waste:

Everyone is running to catch the best in time. But, health problems make us late and delays are inevitable in the business. Traveling to a doctor’s place and waiting for your turn will definitely not fit into your busy schedule. If you are suffering from the ailments that need a frequent consultation, this Doctors in My House option proves to be the best thing for you. Doctors specialized in their fields give you an undivided attention you need.

  1. When you child gets health complications:

If your child is suffering from a poor health issue and has other than severe issues to be cured, the Doctors on Call makes you relaxed. Your kid also communicates well with the doctors when he/she is treated in a known environment.

  1. When you need an undivided attention for your health:

A regular image of a doctor’s office is enough scary to convince you not to visit the place. The ratio between doctors and patients is an alarming one. The statistics show that for every doctor, there are 2000 patients. If you want to have an undivided option from your doctor, you must check SOS Doctor House Call and book a visit to your place.

These four reasons tell you why you need doctors on call for treating your health issue.

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SOS Doctor Treat Your Ailments at Your Home with Doctors on Call Service

In our busy lifestyle, health has become the most ignorant thing. This is why we are suffering from health-related complications both major and minor ones. Visiting doctors to heal this problem sometimes may not be possible due to our suffering. To erase this issue, doctors across the world come up with an innovative thought to offer the Doctors on Call service. This is proved to be a great step to bring the remotest area under an authorized healthcare roof. A wide range of services are offered, including general checkup, and diabetic care to post-hospitalization cardiac care and post-hospitalization neuro care.

SOS doctor House Call is such an organization that offers this innovative way of treatment to patients. They are serving in Los Angeles and surrounding areas to treat ailments with the best ways. They prepare an instant and affordable plan that relaxes patients from the problems. Authorized doctors are participating in the noble cause and help the needy people with providing high-quality services.

Sometimes minor health issues seem too tough to handle and they drain our energy completely. Doctors in my house option let you request a doctor to visit your house for conducting the needed treatment. SOS Doctor House Call with specialized doctors carves out a plan that takes care of your problem satisfyingly in your relaxed environment. Simple issues, like a bad cold, flu, and stomach ache, make your living worse, and they sometimes need an immediate medical attention.  The Doctors in my house service allows you to get the desired medical treatment for your problems. You can even ask doctors to come to your convenient place, be it your office, hotel or your house.

In-home doctor service ensures that you get the best quality treatment without visiting a doctor’s chamber. This benefit is good for those who are unable to move from their house due to health complications and for those who are living a busy life having no time for a regular checkup.

The term – Concierge Doctors– is also gaining popularity. It refers that patients need to pay a certain amount to the doctors who are offering all kind of medical care according to the need of patients, including 24/7 medical advice, same day doctor appointment, in-house doctor facility and more. is a reputed name among the companies who are offering the doctors on demand option. They understand your requirement and advice what you want to get rid of the treatment.

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Get Doctors on Demand and Treat Health Issues Easily

Many a time, our health conditions become so poor that we cannot get out of bed. In this worse condition, visiting doctors is more than just a nightmare. In case of an emergency when you need an immediate consultation with doctors, we feel helpless due to having no proper resource or a reference. Veronique Mastey, the founder of SOS Doctor House Call, came up with the right solution by providing medical care at your doorstep. SOS Doctor House Call is the place where authorized doctors are eager to help you whenever you are in need of healthcare advice.

Ignoring health issues may become the cause of severe health problems. This is why you should take your health seriously and treat every problem in a prescribed way. SOS Doctor House Call is designed with features as per your requirement. The company carves everything after going through a thorough research on what should be added to offer a satisfied medical care.

They have Doctors on demand 24/7 for you – the option lets you connect with doctors regardless of time and place. The authorized doctors will visit your place and prescribe the right kind of medical attention to you. The Doctors on demand option allows you to get a doctor’s appointment not in his offices but in your own home.

It is no denying that we tend to take medicines without any doctor’s intervention for treating common diseases like cold and cough, fever, and more. Treating minor diseases in such way may cause more complications. The recommended way is definitely to take advice from doctors, no matter how small the issue is.  On demand doctor on call ensures that you get a proper medical assistance even when you are travelling or away from your home.

Some health complications may seem minor but they drain your power to stand up. Issues like bad cold, flue or stomach ache make you bed-ridden and devour your all energy to visit a doctor’s office. House Call Doctors 24/7 allows you to ask a doctor to visit your house for the treatment. It will save you from physical toil needed for travelling to your doctor’s chamber. SOS Doctor House Call brings the best thing to you with a complete of offering medical assistance as per your convenient.

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Ask House Call Doctors 24/7 to Diagnose Chronic Bronchitis

Coughing is a very common health symptom found both in children and adults. Through coughing our body clears the throat and breathing passages, so that we can breathe easily. But if the cough stays for longer span, it can cause major health issues like bronchitis. Bronchitis is a condition in which the bronchial tubes are inflamed. These tubes play a very crucial role, as they carry air to our lungs.  Due to some infection the tube gets inflamed and starts producing a lot of mucus or cough. Thus, if the coughing lasts really long, do not ignore and ask the House Call Doctors 24/7 to diagnose the actual reason behind the problem.

The main symptom of bronchitis is persistent coughing. Excess mucus makes it difficult to breathe and sometimes it also can be painful. Coughing is the body’s natural reflex to clear the air passageways in the lungs. Other bronchitis symptoms include a low-grade fever, shortness of breath and wheezing. It has been noticed that people who smokes often are more exposed to such problem. Thus, if a smoker or even a passive smoker is experiencing such problem, they must visit and ask the House Call Doctors 24/7 for routine check-up. Acute bronchitis lasts for few weeks and can be treated easily with proper medication and lifestyle. But in chronic cases, the patient needs a special care by the experts. Even the chronic bronchitis can lead to lung damage.  Lung damage makes it difficult to breath and increases the risk for infections. Elderly and the people with weak immune system have the greatest risk for developing bronchitis. Thus the Doctors on Demand 24/7 recommend the elderly people to avoid much exposure to cold and the smokers to quit the same for a healthy lung.

The Professional Medical Care team from is honest and does not hold back the patients, when they are in need for specialist’s treatment. One of the most common treatment options for people with bronchitis is a bronchodilator or theophylline. These are the treatments by the experts who treat the patient using some oral medications and few by inhalers that help to open the airways in the lungs and make breathing easier. In extreme cases the patients are treated at hospitals using pulmonary rehab programs. Thus, if your cough lasts more than three weeks, accompanied by fever, chest discomfort and shortness of breath call the Concierge Doctors for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Consult House Call Doctors for Eating Disorder Treatments

Eating disorders are complex and known for an unhealthy relationship with food that is interfering with many areas of everyday life. You may find few people around you who eat less or no food and some eat excessively large amounts. Both the cases are abnormal and need a consultation of House Call Doctors, who can guide the actual reason behind such behavior. Many a time it can be a psychological disorder that leads to such eating habits. So, getting treatment for an eating disorder is extremely important. The signs of an eating disorder will vary and may include refusal to eat, excessive exercise, social withdrawal, self-induced vomiting or binge eating.
Like any other mental disorders, eating disorder too has no fix cause. According to the House Call Doctors, few people carry the genes that insist them to eat less or extremely more. A person’s chance of getting this illness increases if his siblings or parents too have suffered from the same issue. According to the research people with low self esteem, depression or anxiety too are vulnerable to eating disorders. It has been found that histories that include sexual abuse, family discord or high family expectations, possess such problem. In extreme cases, it also becomes life threatening. For this reason, it is imperative that men or women dealing with eating disorders seek professional help, especially with more clinically severe eating disorders. If anyone of your family is facing the same problem, call the Doctors on Demand 24/7 of for consultation. They are primary health doctors with a vast experience in handling different medical cases. Thus, if they find the illness normal and curable they will treat the patient with right medication, otherwise will refer for a professional treatment.
Though no simple cure exists for serious eating disorders, the illness is treatable and recovery too is possible. For minor cases, the Concierge Doctors apply nutritional treatment to cure the same. But in chronic cases, combination therapies by the specialists help the patient to recover. These treatments are specific to symptoms. In advanced cases psychotherapy is used to explore the actual cause of the eating disorder. Nutritional counseling too is an important part of recovery and long-term success. Early diagnosis and treatment significantly increase your chances of recovery, so if you or someone you love is battling an eating disorder, never hesitate to consult the West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand.

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Consult Concierge Doctors for Viral Infections & their Remedies

Viral diseases are very common microbial attacks caused by viruses, a type of microorganism that widespread the infection. Viruses are the small particles of DNA or RNA that have a protein coating. There are different types of viruses that cause different diseases or infections ranging from common flu to deadly HIV. Viruses can affect many areas in the body, including the reproductive, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems. Modern researches show that many cancer cells too have a presence of virus in them. So, it is always recommended by the medical professionals to never ignore the viral infections and call the Concierge Doctors for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The most common viral disease is common cold that mostly attacks the children and is caused due to the infection of the upper respiratory tract, i.e. nose and throat. Though, the disease is very common and settles down with time, one must call the Concierge Doctors if the child is facing any acute problem. Viruses are neither living nor non-living and must invade and attach itself to a living cell to survive. With an active viral infection, a virus makes copies of itself and kills the host cell to set the newly-formed virus particles free. After they invade the living cell, they replicate themselves and thus the viral infections and diseases are contagious. The viruses can be transmitted in several ways, such as through the contact of an infected person, inhalation, unsafe sex and so on. If you are living in an unclean area or have unhygienic eating habits, the risk of getting viral infection enhances. Thus, if you find any abnormality in your health, take the pain the check the issue with the Same Day Doctor from and sue away all the health related difficulties.

Some of the very common viral diseases are- chickenpox, flu, herpes, HIV, measles, hepatitis, meningitis, pneumonia and so on. Most of the viral diseases are very normal and cure itself with time. The professionals at West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand ask their patients to avoid self medication in any cases. It has been noticed that a few of the patients do take antibiotics with the viral infections. Viral diseases are not treatable with antibiotics, which can only cure bacterial diseases and infections. Most of the viral diseases causes discomfort or sickness for a limited span and then resolve with time. But few like hepatitis, HIV and meningitis are serious and need a professional treatment. So, never ignore and call Professional Medical Care team for a proper diagnosis.

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Treat Your Gas with Same Day Doctor & Make the Living Comfortable

Gas is one of the most common biological phenomenons in every human body. The most common gas symptoms are burping and passing it through the rectum. Gas is very normal and a healthy person produces about 1 to 3 pints a day and passes gas about 14-23 times a day. But if you have too much of it that it is creating a discomfort to your healthy living, ask for Same Day Doctor from, to know the actual reason behind it.

Gas is mainly made of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sometimes methane. Gas in its actual form is odorless. The unpleasant odor of gas comes from bacteria in the large intestine that release small amounts of gases that contain sulfur. Though, common in nature, gas sometimes creates discomfort and embarrassment, thus must be treated from the experienced Same Day Doctor. Gas gets produced mostly in esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine by the breakdown of undigested foods by the harmless bacteria. But in some cases, swallowing of gas or aerophagia is the main reason behind the formation of gas. People, who do chew or smoke more, are more prone to gas. The most common symptoms of gas are belching, flatulence, abdominal bloating and abdominal pain. There can be many reasons behind the abnormal gas formation and thus must be treated by a Professional Medical Care team. Untreated gas may result to chronic diseases like gastritis, which is serious and needs specialist care. The determining factors probably are how much gas the body produces, how many fatty acids the body absorbs and a person’s sensitivity to gas in the large intestine.

Belching during or after meal is very common. But frequent belching may sometime result to Megan blasé syndrome, which is characterized by severe air swallowing and an enlarged bubble of gas in the stomach, following heavy meals. In such case, the patient should call the Concierge Doctors, as the problem results in fullness and shortness of breath, which may mimic a heart attack. Abdominal bloating many a time resembles gas. But according to the doctors, bloating is usually the result of an intestinal motility disorder, such as irritable bowel syndrome. Any intestinal obstruction can cause abnormal gas formation and must be treated under a medical professional. Gas with abdominal pain, heart burn and discomfort, can be the result of several diseases like Gallbladder stone, Appendicitis, Stomach ulcers, Gastritis etc. and hence demand an expert’s advice. So, do no panic and call the House Call Doctors 24/7 to treat your abnormal gas.

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What Professionals of West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand Say about Sleeplessness?

Do you regularly struggle to sleep? Do you have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and then unable to return to sleep? Or do you feel tired after waking up in the morning and feel you didn’t sleep last night? Then do not ignore your sleeplessness and call West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand to help you out and treat your sleep disorder. In USA, there are approximately 80 million patients who do suffer from a sleep disorder. Being an integral biological process, every person needs a proper and quality sleep to lead a healthy lifestyle.

There are many types of sleep disorders but in this write-up let’s discuss two, most common disorders and their symptoms:

  • Insomnia: the most common sleep disorder of its kind is Insomnia. It has been noticed that half of the patients who have a sleep disorder, suffer from Insomnia. It is characterized by many symptoms like difficulty to fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night and not going back to sleep and so on. According to the medical professionals at West Los Angeles Doctor on Demand low quality of sleep can lead to difficulties experienced during the day, mostly lack of energy for any kind of activity. Chronic insomnia is when poor sleep quality occurs at least 3 nights a week for a month or longer.  Insomnia can be associated with the medical or psychiatric problem, environmental influences, stress and worry, or simply occurring without reason. There can be different reasons behind this medical issue and must be treated as early as possible.
  • Sleep Apnea: It is a very serious sleep disorder in which a person’s breathing gets interrupted during sleep. Sleep Apnea can be of two types, one the obstructive another, the central one. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common one and can be treated much easily. It happens due to a blockage of the airway and blocking oxygen from getting to the lungs.  According to the professional medical care team of, in central sleep apnea, the brain fails to instruct the body to breath and that result to breathing problem and sleeplessness. The second one is a nervous disorder and needs to be treated as early as possible, as it can cause many other disorders and chronic diseases. It also may lead to cardiac problems including heart attack, heart failure, heart arrhythmia and more.

Get Rid of Tension Headaches with House Call Doctors 24/7



Probably we all have heard of tension headaches, the most common type of headaches that can cause mild, moderate or intense pain on your head, neck and even behind your eyes. Though mostly seen in adolescents, many adults too face these episodic headaches. In our daily schedule, we always ignore such minor issues. But, if you are facing it regularly or intensely, never ignore it and book an appointment with House Call Doctors 24/7 and get a relief from the pain. If not treated properly on time, they can be chronic like migraines and affect our daily routine.

According to the House Call Doctors 24/7, the main cause of this headache is muscle contractions in the head and neck regions. Our lifestyle change, stress, improper diet and tough activities cause these contractions. It is a very common problem to the savvier people who do stare at computer screens for a long time. Even the people, who are prone to cold and flu, get such headaches in common.  Other triggers that boost the tension headache are alcohol, eye-strain, fatigue, smoking, sinus infection, caffeine and so on. As, it has already mentioned, the pains are mostly mild to moderate, the severe ones many a time resemble migraine. In rare cases, a tension headache can cause sensitivity to light and loud noise, similar to migraines. So, whenever you confuse your tension headache with your migraine, call Doctors on demand 24/7 for proper diagnosis and medication. If you have nausea and vomiting along with head pain, you can always be sure that it is migraine, not a common headache. If needed these experts from may run tests to rule out the actual problem, using different tests like CT scans, X-rays, MRI and so on.

One can take medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin to get rid of the tension headache. But it is always recommended to ask the doctors of 911 US Urgent Care Clinic before consuming them. According to the experts, overdose of these medicines can be harmful and rebound the headache. These types of headaches occur when you become so accustomed to a medication that you experience pain when the drugs wear off. It is always recommended to the patients who do face the headache quite often to go for stress management classes, so that you can cope with stress and know how to relieve tension. For different patients, different triggers cause the headache and hence it is very important to identify the cause to prevent the same. For an example, if your medical history shows that you get the headache more on the days you consumed coffee; omit it from your diet to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Call for Professional Medical Care & Treat Your Child’s Minor Head Injuries

Children are full of life and injuries are the most common problem to each of them. Young children do not have a very good strength and balance, thus they injure their heads often. They often run into things like doors or walls and hurt themselves badly.  Though, most of the injuries are minor and can be treated at home, there can be situations when parents get worried about the situation and need to call for professional medical care to betterment of the state. The professionals at do all the necessary treatments and if the case is major, they refer it to the specialists and hospitals immediately.

In children scalps are thin and soft; hence even a small pop on head can cause bruises and swellings.  The professional medical care experts ask the parents to apply ice wrapped in a damp cloth to the banged area immediately, which helps to stop bleeding or decrease the swelling. The bruises usually lessen down quickly within a day or two. But if the swelling stays and the child face severe pain, book an appointment with 911 US Urgent care clinic urgently and start the treatment fast. Another kind of injury that most of the children face is the cut. Cuts on the scalp can lead to lots of bleeding because of the good supply of blood in the scalp. Even if a child meets a minor cut, never hesitate to call 24/7 exceptional medical care  by SOS Doctor House Call for a proper treatment. The medical experts put a clean dressing over the cut and press on the cut to stop the bleeding. When the bleeding stops, they examine the severity of the cut and accordingly do further treatment or refer to the specialists. If the child is not immunized against tetanus, make sure to inform it to the doctor and immunize him/her with the same.

If the hit on the head is hard or severe due a car accident or due to a fall from the height, call for an ambulance and rush to the nearest hospital.  Even if the child loses consciousness, seems unwell or vomits after a minor bang, take him for the emergency medical help. Never do leave your child alone after he/she faces any accident and for all the minor head injuries 24/7 exceptional medical care is always ready with their prompt service at your doorstep.

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