Our Founding Story

Veronique and Daughter Laura

Veronique Mastey, Founder and CEO of SOS Doctor
House Call, is a successful entrepreneur with 30 years
experience in business management.

In 1998 Veronique gave birth to her daughter Laura,
who was born with “Tetralogy of Fallot”, a severe heart

Through her personal experience, Veronique realized
there was an urgent need for improvement in the
delivery of medical care outside of the doctor’s office
and hospitals.

Born and raised in France where doctors make house
calls as part of the culture, she decided in 2002 to
create the original telephone-based SOS Doctor House
Call, which has now evolved into the SOS App.

Over the years Veronique has established strong
relationships with physicians and hospitals for her
outstanding accomplishments and quality of service.

In 2014, Laura passed away. Her memory and legacy will continue to inspire through the work of the
Laura’s Smile Foundation. Please visit the foundation at: www.laurasmilefoundation.org
Caring for a child with disabilities is a long journey of hurdles and disappointments. The Foundation
is here to help families of chronically ill children with Legal and financial assistance.

*We proudly support the Laura’s Smile Foundation by donating $1 per transaction.